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FilmBox Channels Premiere on Hungary’s DIGI
DigiFilmBox will launch three movie channels on Hungary’s DIGI platform announced SPI International.

The June 1st launch will mark the official premiere of FilmBox channel brand on the DIGI satellite network in Hungary. The premium package is called FilmMix and it includes three FilmBox channels: FilmBox, FilmBox Family and FilmBox Plus

Film MIX"During the composition of the new FilmMix extra movie package we tried to keep our focus to select unique quality content and popular film channels for our clients' highest satisfaction” – mentioned Annamaria Kallai, marketing manager of DIGI.

FilmBox is a movie channel addressed to general audiences. It offers a great variety of American and European movies including some of the Quentin Tarantino’s films, kung-fu and action flicks starring Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, as well as popular TV series such as BBC’s The Musketeers among many others. FilmBox gives viewers a large selection of big Hollywood hits, TV series and gems of the European cinema. FilmBox Family is programmed to suit all audiences so that the entire family can enjoy watching films together.

“As we are growing and strengthening the presence of the FilmBox brand in Hungary, we are thrilled to launch our premium movie package with DIGI, Hungary’s leading telecom operator. We are excited to be able to share the top quality entertainment content on our channels with close to one million Hungarian TV viewers who are DIGI subscribers,” said Tamas Fulop, SPI/FilmBox Country Manager in Hungary.
FilmBox brand channels are distributed by Filmbox International Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kino Polska TV S.A. whose majority stakeholder is SPI International BV.
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